Bookish Traveler #7: Batangas Beach Trip in December

Being in a tropical country, going to the beach in December isn't such a strange thing. In fact, I think that's the best time to go because summer months here are waaaay too hot. And it's nice to have beaches that are just a few hours away from the city. Some friends of mine from Canada came back to … Read More

The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson

To Re-read or Not to Re-read? (Help Me)

Whenever there’s a long time in between reading series books, I would always re-read the ones before the sequels. The main reason I do so is that I forget easily so it’s usually confusing when I take months in between books. So for series that I follow, I would have read the first book 3 or more … Read More


Review: The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn

Oh, this was fun. Normally I stay away from anything virgin in the title but as this was personally recommended by my dear co-blogger Ella, I gave it a shot and I'm really happy that I did because again, this book was just so much fun. Here are 5 reasons why: I haven't been lucky with the … Read More

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Musings: Book Bloggers Kept Me Informed

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I haven’t really been active with the blogging community lately. I have been writing a lot of blog posts, but I haven’t been replying to comments. I haven’t been visiting other blogs. I’ve barely been interacting with other bloggers. And I will be honest that … Read More

Mistborn Trilogy Brandon Sanderson

Series Review: Mistborn 1-3 by Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire (#1), The Well of Ascension (#2), The Hero of Ages (#3) Writing a review for Brandon Sanderson’s books is ALWAYS difficult. I’m very much in love with his way with words, and I always feel inadequate to really talk about the complexity of the worlds that he built. The thing about … Read More


Bookish Traveler #6: Lost in Venice

Here's a few fun facts about me: I'm bad at directions The Google maps app is basically my best friend I'm terrible at directions Back in 2008, our ship had overnights in Venice every two weeks. Honestly, just being in Venice is awesome enough but staying the night and not leaving till … Read More

Rock Addiction cover

Review: Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

It pains me to review this book because I absolutely love Nalini Singh, I think she's an amazing author. When I first heard about Rock Addiction, I was so excited. I'm not a big fan of rock star romances but the book's blurb is intriguing and when I started reading this, I was in the mood for a good … Read More