Review: Three to Ride by Sophie Oak

Who would've thought that I would one day be reading and reviewing an erotica? And an M/F/M erotica, at that? And who would've thought it would be A Court of Thorns and Roses triggering that urge deep inside me? I mean, come on, surely you've noticed the oozing hotness of Tamlin and Rhysand and … Read More


Two Worlds Collide: I’m Book Blogging for School!

If your don't know this already, I'm back in school studying Digital Media Marketing. It's a one-year post-graduate certificate program and one of our courses is Strategic Marketing Project. Put simply, it's a course where we blog about a niche topic. Seeing that I already have a running blog (two … Read More


Speed Views #5: Wallflowers Edition (Lisa Kleypas Love!)

I had a week-long break from school last holy week, which I think looking back didn't actually served its purpose because I was at church the whole week. I was busy with choir practices, church services, and masses that instead of taking a break I was more busy than I expected. I, at least, achieved … Read More

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Guess Who I Met~

In the book blogging world, it's normal to know a lot of fellow readers, but it's so rare that we actually get to meet them. I've known these ladies for quite a while now, but this is my first time hanging out with them, except for Faye @ The Social Potato that is. Fun Fact: Faye and I went to the … Read More


We have a Facebook Page Giveaway!

Not So Literary   This is a bit silly to admit but I resisted having one for so long because for some reason, managing a Facebook page looked like a daunting task even though I've never actually created and managed one before. :P If I want our blog to grow though, having a Facebook … Read More

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Review: Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick

Ever since I saw The Silver Linings Playbook, I've always wanted to read a Matthew Quick book. While I do have a copy of that movie book, I started off with one of his YA titles, and I think that I would definitely be reading more of his works. Now I know how we all like to judge our books by the … Read More


Review: Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

Warning: This review may contain minor spoilers. I was interested in this book because the blurb intrigued me, despite it reminding me of a typical billionaire romance plot line. The fact that there's a mystery to uncover, and it's about the heroine and not the love interest made the book … Read More

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Musings: Looking Back at Old Reviews

Do you know how some bloggers look back at their old reviews, and some of them say that those old reviews were kinda bad or maybe they've improved more after blogging so many years. Hey, maybe you've done a post about it yourself. Well, as some of you know, I used to blog at Always Lost in Books … Read More